KAC makes sure all its projects are innovative, and are run with the aim of helping empower communities. By assembling the skills, talents and energies at KAC, we are making a real difference in improving the lives of local communities. More creative, fun and empowering projects coming soon.

Here are some of our projects we have successfully completed at KAC:


Most commonly used string folk instrument in Turkey, the bağlama has seven strings divided into courses of two, two and three. It can be tuned in various ways and takes different names according to region and size: Bağlama, Divan Sazı, Bozuk, Çöğür, Kopuz Irızva, Cura, Tambura, etc. The cura is the smallest member of the bağlama family: larger than the cura is the tambura, tuned an octave lower. The Divan sazı, the largest instrument in the family, is tuned one octave lower still.

Folk dance:

Folk dances are dances developed by groups of people that reflect the traditional life of the people of a certain country or region.

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