The service is a floating service for 66 clients living in Haringey. the focus of the service is housing and tenancy issues, but includes ore general support that helps people move towards independent living. as most of our clients still will need help with translation, making phone calls, writing letters and completing forms on their behalf on issues regarding benefits, tax credit, universal credit, housing, immigration, consumer credit, debt issues, utility bills and other services for some time to come.
Over the years KAC has continued to realise the need to promote both the interests of as well as integrating the Kurdish community into the wider community of Haringey and the rest of London.
We achieve this through operating an open door policy whereby our services  are available to everyone.
We fund our service with the help of Housing Related Support Service – a service run by the office of the Deputy Prime Minister with the contract managed by Haringey Council’s Voluntary Sector Team
Our goals remain providing education, training, recreational facilities, leisure activities, cultural events and providing specialist advice on housing, employment, immigration, and health and welfare matters in a culturally sensitive way.


For as long as the Centre has existed, its foundational and unwavering commitment has been rooted in the provision of information and advice as its primary charitable endeavor. Throughout its history, the Centre has consistently dedicated itself to the vital task of disseminating knowledge and offering guidance to individuals and communities in need. This enduring focus on imparting information and offering advice stands as a testament to the Centre’s unwavering dedication to its mission, which has remained a steadfast and unchanging cornerstone of its charitable activities over the years.

Support for the community: 

  • We provide advise on Welfare Benefits, eg, PIP, Universal Credit, Housing Benefit, Employment and Support Allowance.
  • We run employment workshops.
  • We offer assistance to individuals who have recently experienced homelessness or are currently living in unstable housing conditions.

Mental health support:

  • We provide referrals to our partners, Nafsiyat Intercultural Therapy Centre, for mental health support.

Current Project’s

  • Every Friday, we feature a chef specializing in traditional Kurdish/Turkish cuisine.
  • We offer complimentary knitting lessons to the London Community every Thursday from 10 am to 12 pm.

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